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A gutter guard is a simple device that fits on your existing rain gutters to help keep debris such as pine small needles, leaves, or twigs through clogging your gutters. Gutter guards when installed correctly extend the protection of your gutters and keep your gutters from clogging up.

In addition, Gutter Guards eliminate the problem of having to cleaning the gutters often. Another benefit is that they help stop insects, birds and other small animals from breeding inside the gutters. All of these advantages shield your home, reduce gutter servicing, and eliminate safety issues and stress on gutter system.

Gutter guards will save you time and energy!


Gutter screen have very small holes and and are more expensive then gutter guards. Gutter Screens block out 95% of the debris that would normally go in to your gutter system.

Benefits of Gutter Screens over Gutter Guards

  • Rigid Design and longer life time than Gutter Guards.
  • Smaller holes then 1/8 inch
  • Block 90% – 99% of debris from entering gutter system.
  • Gutter Screens can be installed on any gutter type.
  • Made from stainless steel


What are they made with?

Do you need gutter screen?

Gutter Screen Micro-Mesh Metal

Provides rigidity in the mesh so it spans the gutter and also enhances high-volume rainwater filtration. products are made of stainless steel. They have very  small holes, and are ideal heavy debris loads. The design of this gutter guard allows water to flow of the roof in to the gutter while keeping leaves and debris from getting in. The fine woven stainless steel micro-mesh keeps out the smallest debris!

E Z Lock Gutter Mesh

Power Baked Steel Screen Gutter Mesh

Steel Screen Mesh is made from .028 expanded steel that is powder-coated. They are available with either medium or small holes, and are ideal for medium to heavy debris loads. The design of this gutter guard allows water to flow of the roof in to the gutter while keeping leaves and debris from getting in.

Solid Gutter Cover White

Solid Metal Gutter Cover / Hood – Reverse Curve

The Gutter Cover works on the technological rule of water adhesion. The design of this gutter guard allows water to flow over the gutter guard while keeping leaves and debris from getting in. 1/2 inch horizontal opening is ideal to handle the heaviest rainfalls and to keep out debris.

Metal Gutter Cover with Screen

Metal Mesh with micro-screen is made of sheet metal. They are recommended for long term. They are ideal for medium to heavy debris loads. The design of this gutter guard allows water to flow of the roof in to the gutter while keeping leaves and debris from getting in for a while.

Gutter Screen Hinged Galvanized

Galvanized Gutter Mesh Hinged

Gutter Screen Hinged steel screens are expanded galvanized steel. They are available with hinged on them to make cleaning your gutters easier, and are ideal for medium to heavy debris loads. The design of this gutter guard allows water to flow of the roof in to the gutter while keeping leaves and debris from getting in. Great for over the downspout for easy access.

Vinyl Mesh with Screen

Vinyl Mesh with Screen

Vinyl Mesh with micro-screen is made of plastic. They are not recommended for long term, 3 years tops, the sun causes them to warp and sag in to the gutter. After removing you wont be able to reuse. They are not ideal for medium to heavy debris loads. The design of this gutter guard allows water to flow of the roof in to the gutter while keeping leaves and debris from getting in for a while. Not installed by us.


EZ-Lock Small Hole

EZ-Lock Gutter Guards

E-Z Gutter Screen has small mesh to trap finer debris. Made of powder-coated steel.
It can be on the gutter without disturbing the shingles. Color Black

Available in 5″, 6″, 7″ Widths

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Do you need gutter screen?

LeafBlaster Gutter Screen

LeafBlaster PRO incorporates proprietary patented V-Bend Technology (VBT), which allows 100% of the stainless steel micro-mesh holes to filter rainwater. LeafBlaster PRO uses Z-Bend Technology, which elevates debris so wind more easily pushes it off. This technology provides rigidity in the mesh with patented ridges. Spans the gutter and enhances high-volume rainwater filtration.

Available in 5″, 6″, 7″ Widths

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Gutter Guards

A gutter guard is a simple design that fits in your existing rain gutters to help keep debris such as pine small needles, leaves, or twigs through clogging your gutters. Whenever gutter guards are installed correctly they extend the protection the particular gutters can provide for your home or even property.

Rain gutter guards are gutter protection programs. They are generally designed to install on top of your existing or new rainwater gutter system. Their purpose is usually to stop leaves and other debris from building up inside your rain gutters. This eliminates the boring, and sometimes dangerous task, to getting up on your roof multiple times a year to clean out your blocked gutters. In addition, gutter guards prolong the life of your guttering and down-pipes. Additionally they protect your home by preventing water from damaging houses roof, siding and foundation. Last but not least, they keep birds, possums, mice and bugs from having the capacity to nest or breed in your gutters.

In addition, Gutter Guards eliminate the problem of having to cleaning the gutters often. Not only can it be dangerous to clean your gutters but it is only a temporary resolve, the gutters will continue to acquire clogged. Another benefit is that they help stop insects, birds and other small animals from breeding inside the gutters. All of these advantages shield your home, reduce gutter servicing, and eliminate safety issues and stress on gutter system.
Gutter guards will save you time and energy!

You may have heard of gutter guards, maybe via neighbors or on advertisements. However, you do not currently have these people installed on your home’s gutter method. Perhaps you are wondering what the benefits of having gutter guards are, and could wonder if it’s worth the investment to have all of them installed on your home.

To make a decision, you need to know what the benefits of having a rain gutter guard system are. Inside a perfect world, when it rained, the water would simply roll away from your roof, into your gutters, and down onto the ground with the drainage system. But unfortunately, for gutters, our yards are generally full of trees which create leaves, pine needles, sticks, acorns and more. This debris gets into the gutters and clog’s them up. When your gutters fill with these things it can cause problems for your roof, siding, foundation, along with landscape from the back up of water.

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Gutter guards are gutter protection systems. Their purpose is to stop leaves, twigs, pine small needles and other debris from building up inside your gutters. Not only does this specific protect your home, but it eradicates the monotonous and sometimes hazardous task, of climbing up on your roof to remove the trash. Additionally, clogged gutters can produce mold and mildew, so gutter protects guard against that as well.

The core of cleaning gutters.

Cleaning out the Gutters is there any household chore that we hate more?
You must get up on a ladder, or in some cases, climb along on the roof. Then your met with handfuls of soggy leaves, twigs and other debris that have been building up in the gutters.

Gutters are designed to collect rain from the roof and move it away from the house, preventing water from pooling around the foundation. But gutters can only work if they are kept clean and clear, so that water can flow through them and down the downspout away from the structure.

Gutters become clogged with branches, leaves and other debris, they won’t be able to do their job. In fact, ignoring your gutters is worse than having no gutters at all. This is because clogged downspouts are likely to collect and hold the rain. Stand water can cause the gutters to become very heavy and they may pull away from your roof and fascia board.

To prevent this, most experts suggest cleaning out your gutters twice per year — once in the fall and once in the spring — and possibly more often if your home is shaded by trees that drop lots of leaves and branches on the roof. But many people don’t keep up with gutter maintenance.

The leaves that fill up the gutters are out of sight and out of mind and it’s just one more item on the long list of yard work and home maintenance that often goes overlooked.
If you have trouble keeping up with your gutters, perhaps it’s time to consider installing gutter guards, a device that helps keep debris from clogging your gutters. Gutter guards or covers keep the leaves and twigs and any other junk that can clog your gutters while ushering rain to the downspout and away from your home. Your house is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in life, goes the common real estate mantra, so take the simple steps to protect it.

Got Trees?

If you have trees over gutters, You Need Gutter Guards.

Gutter guards also keep your gutters clean, letting only water flow right through all of them.
Are there trees around your home? Not many could answer no to that particular question. Gutter guards are an essential feature for most homes and also other buildings where gutters are inclined to get clogged with foliage, pine needles and other dirt. If left unchecked, clogged gutters could cause serious structural damage to a home or building.

Prevent Problems

Rain Gutter Guards Prevent Problems.

For most of us in the United States, trees shed their particular leaves during the late winter and fall seasons. Then in the spring, trees drop seedpods, buds, needles, petals and leaves and small leaves. When this happens, gutters get filled with the debris and get clogged. Gutter guards eliminate the arduous and sometimes dangerous task of cleaning the gutters. If they are neglected and do not have guards, rain water can damage your home, creating a pricey problem to fix.

Gutter Guards are designed to be installed on your existing gutters. Their purpose is to stop leaves and other dirt from building up inside your gutters. In addition, gutter guards expand the life of your guttering and down-pipes. They also protect your home by protecting against water from damaging houses roof, siding and foundation. Finally, they keep birds, possums, mice and bugs from having the ability to nest or breed inside your gutters. If you choose the right gutter guard system for your residence, there is no longer the worry regarding clogged gutters. This in turn protects your home and gives you peace of mind. There are several brands of rain gutter guards to choose from.

Gutter Insurance

Gutter guards actually are an amazing feature that you can add to your gutters. Like insurance on your gutter system.

Gutter guards are the product that may solve your maintenance requires.
It is very easy to acquire a home that does not have a gutter system installed. It is so important of a feature, that no house should be built without one. The reason why is that gutters have a very essential job – they collect and divert rain water away from your home. Unfortunately, rain is not the only thing that gets with your gutters. Therefore, it is paramount that you stay on guard along with your gutters! Fortunately the problem carries a rather simple solution, have rain gutter guards installed.

Gutter Guard Benefits

There are a number of benefits to installing Gutter Guards on your home.

The first is which gutters without them constantly need to being cleaned. This means that with each new season, gutters need to be cleaned. Not only is this task monotonous, but it also provides it’s risks. Some roofs are extremely high, or have tricky sides. It can be dangerous getting on any ladder to reach them.

Once we think of clogged gutters we think of leaves and this tree needles. While they are more often than not the culprit, there are a number of others stuff that cause gutters to get slow or stopped up. Twigs, acorns, berries, helicopters from trees and other tree particles cause clogs. In addition to these, birds, squirrels and bugs can easily lay eggs or help make nests. Mold can develop and damage the outside as well as the inside of your property. When clogged gutters prevent water from being able to drain properly, it can cause damage to your roof, siding, foundation, and panorama. Gutter guards can prevent these things from happening.

There are a variety of gutter protects and while they all have the same purpose depending on the material will tell exactly how each type of guard will work for your gutters.
Mesh safeguards allow water to trickle through small holes possibly at the same time keeps all debris out. The bottle brush pads, however, grab the leaves and also other debris on the bristles, but the bristles don’t get hold of debris as well, consequently, the debris will in time will be blown away. There are other gutter guards such as metal and plastic. They will perfectly deal with your gutters. Nylon guards can be achieved to prevent ice from gathering.

What sort of plan and what form of material you want your gutter guards to be will depend on the roof is shaped and what kind of weather you typically experience in the area your home is. Your weather will also influence how often the guards need to be changed for new ones, but this are not anywhere near the cost of changing your gutters.

Help maintain your own gutters, equip them with gutter guards or covers.
One of the primary problems with gutters is that they get clogged with all kinds of dirt such as seeds and leafs from trees. If you don’t tend to them, gutters will not do the job that they are made to do. Leaves and water that cannot avoid can make the gutter buckle and break away from the fascia. They must be maintained more than once 12 months, and after every big storm they must be checked. One way to maintain your gutters is to provide them with gutter guards or covers. They are also screens as well as filters. They keep you from always the need to climb up on that ladder to remove debris such as foliage and dirt that can build up in your gutters.

Gutter protects or covers come in methods like a screen and reliable covers. Screen guards keep omits. This way it prevents normal water from overflowing because they don’t build up. Gutter guards that are solid ever have a solid surface so the foliage is pushed away and with their own small channels this allows the river to run off into the gutter.
If you choose the right gutter pads, you won’t have the concern of one’s gutters getting clogged; therefore, you don’t have the concern about water getting into your basement or to other parts of your home and creating damage. They also help to keep your current gutters clean by allowing the rain water to escape through them. When particles such as leaves and planes get trapped they setback away after drying out, allowing you maintenance cheap gutters. This allows you to get caught up with your home and cheaps you from one more job that you would have to do, and at the same time the value of your home preserved.

You’ll find gutter guards that have been around since the beginning of production including mesh screens. They can be basic plastic diamond grids in which screw into the gutters for you to more scientific systems such as the leaf filter, which uses quite a few screens to catch different types of debris. Gutter covers works is by using threadlike action where the water will stick to a surface as well as stick itself on the solid covers to collect the water while reducing the debris. They are somewhat associated with the seamless system associated with gutters. It is a cover having a small lip, but generates a large gap and its objective is to stop debris as it washes off the roof.

Rain gutter guards can help in minimal maintenance when it comes to your rain gutters especially if you have several tall trees around your home. Now you can enjoy the beautiful trees without having problems with your gutters. For more information on various kinds of gutter guards contact us at (916) 550-4384

We have two solutions with regard to clients with existing gutters, in good condition, together with trees nearby that shed debris into the system. Your permanent solution is installing the actual a Gutter Protection Method like Gutter Guards. The other solution is cleaning the gutters by hand one or two times per year.

The advantage with having gutters cleaned manually is that your rain gutter system will be inspected every year by a professional and any minor small problems will be fixed ensuring the particular functionality of the gutters. You may be added to our database as well as a crew will automatically visit clean your gutters with no you having to remember. Even the cost per cleaning is incredibly low, making it affordable for any person to have their gutters cleaned through professionals.

Having your gutters cleaned out is typically more economical in the short term than having gutter guards installed. For clients that consider living in their home for more than two years, it is more economical to have the foliage removed. The typical cost of rain gutter gutters is equivalent to the price of two years of gutter cleanings.

Pays for it’s self.

Purchasing Gutter Guards Pays Off

Gutter guards are well worth the investment as they pay for themselves over time. They save you the price of maintenance and from paying to fix the damage that stopped up gutters and downspouts so often create.

There are a large variety of gutter guards to choose from. They come in several styles and colors so that you can find one that matches your home and your budget. At Gutters of Sacramento we carry many types of gutter guards that will make your decision much easier to help make!

Gutters are created to protect your roof, Install Gutter Guards – Protect Your Gutters.
Are you tired as well as feel uneasy getting up on the ladder and regularly having to clean leaves and other debris out of your rain gutters? If so, it might be wise to look into getting gutter guards.

Rain gutters are created to protect your roof through storm damage or any other damages from the environment. When storms occur whether rain or snow and ice they can cause tree foliage and limbs to drop and where does all this debris go, but in your gutters. Now, you have to get out and get a ladder and clean them out. Install rain gutter guards, the amount of time, energy as well as uneasiness will be decreased immensely.

Lower Maintenance

Gutter Guards will Lower the Maintenance

When choosing which gutter guard is right for your home you need to consider the house itself and how many trees and shrubs you have located around your home. If you have no trees or very few trees, you may not need gutter guards at this time. If you have some trees, how much debris would you get in your gutters? That will decide what type of leaf shield you need. You do not need to get brand-new gutters before you have gutter guards installed. The gutter guards, whatever style you like, can be placed with your existing gutters. There are a few factors involved to know what rain gutter guards to place and what rain gutter guards not to place. For example: the type of roof you have, just how your roof was installed.

Gutter Guard Systems

Some of the types of rain gutter guard systems:

What is GutterDome?

GutterDome is a type of rain gutter guard made of wire fine mesh that prevents debris from going into your gutters. That they install on most rain gutters such as half round, curled, and seamless, as well as on different types of gutter supplies such as aluminum and water piping. It works by buckling to the front lip of your respective existing rain gutters using self-drilling screws. In addition to installing on many types of gutters, in addition they install on most gutter components such as copper, aluminum, gal steel, vinyl and wooden grain. They meet AAMA standards with a durable surface coating that is environmentally friendly, long lasting, low upkeep and tough.

Every year people devote countless hours cleaning their rainfall gutters from leaves, pine needles, seed pods along with other debris that accumulates in them throughout the winter season. It is time-consuming and can also be dangerous. Nevertheless, GutterDome eliminates this problem and is a perpetual solution.

Leaf Solution

How Leaf Solution Works

Leaf Solution is another type of gutter guard product that is made of steel mesh with several seams that run horizontally over the product. This is essential in enabling Leaf Solution to be installed at a slope. The joins actually change the direction in the water and force it into the seams. It is able to take a large level of water so that water will not pour over the edges people rain gutters. Nothing but normal water is able to get into your rain gutters. They are a pioneer of the tiny mesh gutter guard business. Guards can easily be installed on your current gutter systems, old and new. It can be the perfect complement to new construction. Made in America, Leaf Solution products are screened and checked so that they conform to rigorous quality standards. In addition, the product is supported by a 100% “No Clog” guarantee by the company. They are very easily installed on your current or recently installed gutter system. They come for both 5″ and 7″ gutters. Leaf Solution has been manufactured since 2000. They are a pioneer of the micro mesh gutter guard industry. In 2003 they started out manufacturing the first gutter guard to use a stainless steel mesh. They come in Half a dozen colors to ensure they match up the rest of your home.

E-Z Gutter Guards

The E-Z Gutter Advantage E-Z Rain gutter Guard Protection

E-Z Gutter has provided defense for gutter systems because 1983. They offer multiple amounts of mesh screens, solid insures, and levels of metals at the variety of price points. We provide such a variety so that their gutter guard systems can meet all the varying needs for the budget and lifestyle. There are no other gutter guard systems that are designed such as E-Z Gutter Guards. If every yard had the same varieties of trees, leaves and plant pollen, then only one type of rain gutter guard would be necessary. The various designs of E-Z Gutter products make it possible to find a gutter guards that can handle every type of gutter and debris load. E-Z Gutter Protection is designed to install on your present 5″ and 7″ gutters. They are able to deal with the heaviest of rains. If they’re installed, they are tweaked for best performance. The installation of E-Z Gutter Pads do not affect the warranty on your own roof. They do not rest on or against the shingles, as a result, not affecting the shingles warranty. Of course, if you have inquiries you can always call your roofing shingle supplier. The manufacturer recommends you do not install E-Z Gutter Guards yourself. There are a variety of installation tactics that will vary from job to be able to job. Trained and approved dealers, such Gutters of Sacramento, are able to use the right method depending on your needs. The main benefit of using E-Z Gutter Guards is that they have multiple levels of fine mesh screens, depending on your rainwater gutter needs. They also can be found in a variety of levels of solid protect. In addition they come in multiple degrees of metals, from powder-coated steel and also aluminum to mill-finish aluminum as well as painted aluminum gutters. You are able to pick the level of protection which fits your budget and lifestyle.


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