Visual Signs of Water Damage

Visual Signs of Water Damage – Bad Gutter Installation sacramento

In this picture of a Sacramento home you can see that the fascia board has start to curl or buckle. This is usually because rain water is getting behind the gutters, and on the fascia board. There are many possible reason for this. At this Sacramento home it is because no flashing was installed. The rain water lands on the roof runs down the shingles and over on to the fascia and then into the gutter system. The missing flashing would normally be installed underneath the shingles / roofing paper but over the top of the fascia and gutter. Installing flashing will stop water from entering your home and should be installed in most cases. Flashing is made of galvanized sheet metal and is made in to a L shape. 10 feet sticks of flashing cost less than $2. You could put flashing all the way around most houses for under $40 bucks in material costs. If you Gutter system was installed without Flashing and you can see the visual signs of water damage call us at (916) 500-4305 for a cheap estimate.
Look for Visual Signs of Water Damage it is typical in Bad Gutter Installation Sacramento.

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