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Clean Your Gutter System Before It Cleans Out Your Bank account

Cleaning your gutters is the most important core on the honey-do list yet it’s too often overlooked. Many wait until the fall when the very last leafs have fallen before deciding to get it done. If you gutter clean a couple of times a year, cleaning the gutters is easy.Not gutter cleaning will cost you thousands of dollars latter.

Clogged gutters is more than just those annoying cores, it wreaks havoc on the integrity of your home’s structure. The gutter system of a house is designed to move water down from the roof and away from the foundation. When debris gets wet it absorbs the rain water like a sponge and becomes heavy. This puts gutters and their hanging brackets, and can pull the gutters off the house. Overflowing water from the gutters can also damage the paint and siding on a home.

Let’s get started.

You’ll need; a ladder, gloves, bag or bucket, and the hose with a pressure nossle.

Begin by setting the ladder an arms length away from a corner downspout, now remove the debris with out falling.

Move the ladder and repeat.

Never reach further than an arms length away from the ladder and be sure to get the dirt on the bottom of the gutter.

If you are afraid of heights dont clean your gutters yourself, the liklyhood of you falling is greater because you are afrid.

Once you clean an entire length, grab the hose and spray down the gutter.

Remember to check to see that water flows through the downspout and it’s not clogged.

If you are ambitious, you can scrub down the outside of the gutters or touch up any spots with paint to keep your house looking its best.

Still hesitant on doing this yourself? Consider calling for a cheap estimate.

Pushing this chore to the bottom of the to-do list could be a very costly mistake. Clean your gutter system today!

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