Gutter System During Different Seasons

Weather conditions have a very important role to play when it comes to health of the rain gutter systems. A certain condition like rain after the season of fall and the leafs have fell from the trees downspouts can result in clogging. Same way winds blowing at a high speed are also a problem.

The Effects of Rainfall and Other Types of Precipitation
Sacramento city and its adjoining areas did not experience a decent precipitation until this year. In 2018, the El Nino effect changed what is called as a normal weather. For people and farmers, it was really good because it led to rainfall. You might think gutter systems are designed to take rain water away from your house, so what damage can a rainfall lead to? Well, in certain sense it is true. Gutter systems are made for rainfall which is why they are also called as rain gutters. But the timing of rainfall does matter here. Imagine if rainfall occurs after fall, what will happen then? The water on your roof will transport the fallen leaves with it into the pipeline of the gutter system of your house. And if leaves are in good number then the pipeline can get clogged.
The good thing is this problem can be solved easily. To make sure that the gutter system functions properly just make sure to get it cleaned after every season.
Rain Gutters During and After Falls
Trees shed the leaves in the autumn or fall season. These leaves get blown away to roofs, streets, lawns and every other place by winds. Some leaves will also fall in the mouth of gutter system openings. And if the wind is also carrying debris and dust particles then clogging of pipeline is certain to happen. The water will not be able to pass through the pipelines but it will surely pass through the walls and roof of your house. Be it wooden or brick wall, water can damage both types. Seeping water can even damage the foundation of houses. This is the reason why we recommend people to get their gutter systems cleaned after falls.
However, not everyone needs to worry about fallen leaves. If your neighborhood has no trees, then there are very less chances of blockage. But even in that case you should call us for an inspection of the gutter system before the onset of winters.
Gutter System in Winter Season
The houses that are surrounded by large branches are the most vulnerable to rain gutter related problems. Trees shed their leaves mainly in falls but in other seasons also some leaves will fall for sure. Even the old branches of trees cannot withstand the power of time and will fall on your roof if it is hanging in the right position. In this case, our experts recommend that you should clean the gutter system before and after winters.
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