Cheap Gutter Inspection Sacramento

Cheap Gutter Inspection for all of our customers!

Why have your gutters inspected?

Cheap Gutter Inspection Sacramento

Cheap Gutter Inspection Sacramento

What we check for when inspecting your gutters in Sacramento:

  • Gutter PitchCheck that gutters drain into the downspout properly.
  • Gutter Fasteners – Inspect mounting brackets on downspouts and gutters.These commonly rust, then the gutter or downspout pulls away from the eves when full of water.
  • Debris – Visually inspect for blockage in gutters.
  • DownspoutsWe inspect for bad water shedding areas. The foundation of your house will be come unstable after years of contentious moisture. The leading cause of this is not directing the downspout flow away from the structure.
  • Gutter Inspection ReportThis is our findings and solutions to fix any problems we may have found.
  • Roof InspectionQuick visual inspection. Looking for potential problems before they happen.

Need your Gutters Cleaned?

Have some Gutter Repairs You would like to take care of before this winter?

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Cheap Gutter Inspection – we provide a cheap gutter inspection with an estimate to do the repairs. The estimate is valid while our gutter cleaner service tech is at your property. Please add $50 for a return visit.

It’s Important to have your gutters cleaned at least on a annual basis. So we offer this special rates to help our Sacramento neighbors and friends and family keep their foundation protected.

The average price for gutter cleaning is a  $2 per foot to $16 a foot for sacramento  homes. Two-story houses will be more depending on how hard they are to access.

Our Affordable Gutter Cleaning Service is $99 for a 1 Bedroom Single story house. Included in this is a comprehensive gutter inspection.  We will check:

  • Drains and Downspouts – properly and securely attached to structure.
  • Gutterslose fasteners like screws, nails, hangers, brackets
  • Seams for leaksThis is a water test to check for leaks.
  • Fascia Board and Eves  – For rot or damage
  • Rooffor possible leaks, missing shingles,
  • Over Grown VegetationTrees limbs that might cause damage to your home.


After your inspection our gutter cleaner tech will give you an estimate to make any repairs to your gutter system. Each repair  follows the following rates.

Gutter Repair Prices

$5 Per Downspout Drain Wire Strainer – Expanded metal strainers keep leafs from going down the downspout Gutter downspouts strainer wire mesh quarter-inch
$5 Per 
Gutter Brackets and Gutter Hangers attached to the outer side of your gutter and are screwed into the fascia to keep your gutters from sagging. This is a gutter hanger
$5 Per  Downspout Straps attached to the wall and go around the outside of your downspout, the straps are then screwed into the wall to keep your gutters hanging properly on your home. Downspout straps come in many different sizes and shapes we carry them all to replace your broken ones immediately.
$20 Per  Seams are often the cause of leaky gutters, the seam is where two gutters are joined together. To stop gutters from leaking we use silicone but we don’t stop there we go the extra mile. We add a rubberized coating over the top of the inside of the seam. This is a waterproof barrier so that your gutter seams will not leak again. Resealing seams on gutters is very important to keep your gutters from rotting from the bottom out
$50 Per Downspout Replacement – Install or replace downspout. Downspouts take the water from your gutters and divert it off your property. It is often necessary to reattach them to your home or replace them completely.
$2 Per  Gutter Guards – Rubber coated Ridged expanded metal gutter guards installed complete Gutter guard screen
$50 Per  Solar Panel Cleaning – Solar panel washing cleaning sealing While cleaning your gutters we can clean your solar panel cleaning at a discounted rate.
Cost Varies Tree Limb brush Trimming – Often limbs from trees cause damage to roofs and gutters. We can trim them as needed Per Job Minor trimming of trees and bushes and shrubs that are possibly going to damage your roof


We offer a senior citizen discount and military discount to all customers at any time. The discount can be used in conjunction with any other sale or offer offered by us. It is to go on top of the already low prices that we offer.

  • Senior Citizen Discount 15%
  • Military Discount 15%
  • Single Mother Discount 15%


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