Heavy rain in 2015 to end the drought

Over the last two years we have had a heavy drought without the rain we are accustomed to in Sacramento California. Many Residents have held off on cleaning gutters & making needed repairs of their gutters. Weather predictions for this year are showing big rain storms on the horizon. They are stating El Nino is going to refill our lakes & our water supply. We have an incoming heavy rain in 2015 on the horizon.

While this will also damage homes that are not prepared for the rain. We are encouraging all Sacramento residents to prepare their home for the coming storms. Repairing & Cleaning Gutters now instead of waiting and having to deal with damages & fix the gutters.

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gutter downspout extended with corrugated hose

Gutter Cleaning Tips Four Winterizing Your Home

Gutter Cleaning Maintenance Tips for Winterizing your Home in Sacramento.

Gutter cleaning is essential to maintaining your home during the winter. Rain water can cause damage to foundations if the leaves are not out of the gutter system by gutter cleaning at least twice a year. gutter cleaning is your first line of defense against a backed up gutter system.

1. Remove Dirt and Sand (from shingles) From Your Gutters – Gutter dirt buildup can cause the pitch of your gutters to, this causes your gutters to erode.

2. Paint Your Gutters – Any exposed metal gutter should be painted or it will rust faster.

3. Extend Gutter Downspout Away from Foundation – Use corrugated line to disperse water from your gutter system away from your home.

4 Gutter Cleaning Sacramento – Have your gutters cleaned professionally gutter cleaning is the most important part of winterizing your gutter system. Learn more about gutter cleaning.

close-up of gutter corrugated hose

This is corrugated hose used to extend your gutters downspout away from your foundation.

This is the best type of fitting to use for gutter downspout extensions

This is corrugated hose connector used to extend your gutters downspout away from your foundation. this connector will go in between the downspout and the corrugated hose. this is the best type of fitting to use for gutter downspout extensions.

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gutter downspout extended with corrugated hose

Protect your foundation in the winter by extending your downspouts with corrugated hose downspout extended with corrugated hose.

To learn more about our weatherization gutter cleaning program please visit our gutter cleaning page.

Pop riveting the inside of an inside mitered corner is important

Gutter Repair in Citrus Hieghts

To do gutter repairs right sometimes you’ll have to remove the gutter completely to fix the problem. In the photo below we have taken the gutter off the house. The gutter company who install the gutter originally, didn’t do a good job. They installed the gutter without any pitch, so the rain water would not drain properly. The seams were not pop riveted on all three sides, so the weight of the standing water caused the gutter to break its seam. They also forgot to crimp the ends caps of the gutters, so they leaked.
The worst part about this whole gutter repair project was that the gutters had only been installed a year ago, a the owner was over charged by $1,500. He paid $2,500 for the installation of 100 feet that’s $25 dollars a foot, and they didn’t install gutter guards.
Folks if a Gutter Company charges you more than ten dollars a foot to install any type of gutter THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF!

Visual Signs of Water Damage

Pop riveting the inside of an inside mitered corner is important

Pop riveting the inside of an inside mitered corner is important

Pop riveting the inside of an inside mitered corner is important

Pop riveting the inside of an inside mitered corner is important. Firstly it provides strength to the corner and the gutter system in general. Secondly, it will keep seams from leaking longer, after a few seasons of weather the cocking becomes dry and brittle.This is normal and will not cause any problems in your gutter system, if it was install correctly (like mitering on all sides of gutter), but if it was not you will want to check for leaks and bad seams on a yearly basis.

Pop riveting the inside of an inside mitered corner is important

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Questions to ask yourself when looking for gutters.

Questions to ask yourself when looking for gutters.

There are a few queries about gutters you should be asking when you begin the process of replacing your gutters.

  • What material are do you want?
  • Seamless or non-seamless?
  • What colors are there for your desired gutters?
  • What are the cost of rain gutters compared with other products?
  • What style of gutter will match your house?
  • What kind of gutters are you looking for?
  • What size rain gutters do you want?

There are a lot of answers to these questions. There are a few sites to start when narrowing down your choices to make the process a bit easier. To begin with, check with the city, county, or perhaps homeowners’ association. Any of these may location restrictions on the type of rain gutters you can have or the color that they can be. If you have something in your mind in regard to style and color, knowing about these restrictions right from the beginning might preserve for less hassle later.

What type of gutter system does your home currently have? Have they survived very long, and are you happy making use of their performance? If you are satisfied with how a gutters have performed, you could decide to go with the same or similar system.

gutter repair and replacement company

Rain Gutter Repair in Sacramento

Sometimes existing rain gutter systems that are not performing properly can be repaired without exchanging the entire system. Generally, the actual rule-of-thumb is, if the gutter as well as downspout is rusted through, it should be replaced. Once the rust procedure starts, it can’t be reversed, therefore patching is only a temporary resolve. Depending on the existing gutter dimensions and profile, it is sometimes possible to replace single sections of rusted through gutters, even when that they tie into adjacent rain gutter sections.

Also, existing downspouts are often reusable even when the gutters are rusted through, since water is less likely to keep pooled in vertical downspouts. Development and contraction, wind, ice and snow, hail and falling hands or legs are a few of the culprits that may overtime lead to a system not really functioning correctly.

Some other typical repairs include:

  • Re-sealing seams and corners.
  • Re-securing the gutters by adding additional hangers.
  • Re-attaching downspouts.
  • Re-pitching gutters which aren’t flowing correctly.
  • Adding downspouts to divert water flow and increase capacity.
  • All round “tightening up” of the system.

Maintaining beneficial drainage away from the homes foundation is another necessity. Water which continues to pool next to the basis can leak into the basement or cause structural worries. Gutters of Sacramento can diagnose and offer solutions to many negative drainage issues and also gives cheap advice on what you can do to assist your gutter system function efficiently.

Rain Gutter Cleaning Sacramento

Warning Signs of Bad Gutters

Warning Signs of Bad Gutters:

  • Gutter hanging off the residence
  • Downspout disconnected from gutter as well as home
  • No gutters on home
  • Water in attic
  • Water in home
  • Seams dripping or dripping
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Subtle Warning Signs of Failing Gutters:
  • Spike and ferrules pulling away from the rain gutter where you can see the nail brain popping out.
  • Mold inside areas below where gutters are, or should be
  • Aging deck boards, windowsills, garage doors, and regular doors down below where gutters are, or even should be.
  • Erosion in landscaping or mulch beds.
  • Damage or upheaval of paths, patios, driveways and stairways.
  • Paint flaking or peeling prematurely in areas nearby the base of the home.
  • Dips or even back pitch in gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Servicing Plans

Gutter Cleaning Servicing Plans

Every year stopped up gutter systems cause attic floods, damage to home exteriors and interiors, and foundation settling troubles. A gutter system clear of debris is essential to guarding your home from water damage.

Allow the trained gutter professionals of Gutters of Sacramento take look at. We will clean and flush your system to keep it operating properly and prevent costly damage – once, twice or more annually. Leave the dangerous ladder climb and roof work to people who do it every day.

Design Your Own Gutter Cleaning Routine maintenance Plan!

To sign up for your program, call us at (916) 550-4384 or send us an email. One of our representatives will set upwards an appointment to visit your property, help to make an assessment and provide you with your program’s price and schedule. That’s all!

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What damage can happen with clogged rain gutters?

What damage can happen with clogged gutters?

An example of just what clogged gutters can do into a home is that of a man that had a leak in his car port. It had been there for years yet he thought it originated in a spring that happened to run under his home. While he had new siding place on his house, and new gutters installed, the outflow stopped. All that time choose to go by and he didn’t even know the situation was his gutters as well as downspouts!

It is very important that homeowners keep in mind potential problems that faulty rain gutters can cause.

Keeping it thoroughly clean

In order to protect your home, gutters must be cleaned out regularly! Once leaves, pine needles, along with other debris get inside the rain gutters and clog them, they should physically be removed. They won’t just eventually dry up as well as blow away.

Keeping Your Safeguard Up

There is a way to keep the gutters clear – get gutter guards installed. Gutter guards are gutter protection programs. They are generally designed to install on your existing or new rainfall gutter system. Their purpose is always to stop leaves and other particles from building up inside your gutters. At Gutters of Sacramento we sell several different types of gutter guards, therefore we can be sure to find a system that matches your needs and budget.