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Resealing seams on gutters is very important to keep your gutters from rotting from the bottom out

Gutter cleaning tips from the professional.

Gutter cleaning tips from the professional.

Gutters of Sacramento a professional gutter cleaning company offers advice and safety tips that simply might save your valuable existence.

Fall is the time of the year to winter maintenance on your house  before weather takes hold. For many home owners, what this means is it’s time for an old-fashioned gutter cleaning.

At its best, gutter cleaning is really a tiresome and disgusting task. At worst, it may be frightening and completely harmful. One slight misstep and you’re simply going to a healthcare facility having a damaged bone and bruised ego.

Here are some gutter cleaning tips to stay safe:

Ladder Safety:

Notify someone that you know before you climb a ladder to clean your gutters, just encase you fall some will come looking for you.  Make use of a safe and durable ladder, ideally having a small shelf sufficiently strong to carry a five-gallon bucket to gather gutter debris. Make certain to secure the bucket having a lanyard. We advise a four-legged stepladder for any single-story home, as well as an extension ladder for any two-story home. An orchard ladder isn’t suggested because you will find only three legs for support plus they may become unbalanced.

Wooden steps aren’t suggested since they’re frequently shaky and hard to securely balance. Abs plastic steps appear is the sturdiest, but are the heaviest. If you’re cleaning gutters for hour upon hour, muscle fatigue can occur motionless the heavy ladder numerous occasions. If this sounds like the situation, you should attempt utilizing an aluminum ladder, the second-choice choice for strength and support.

Inspect the ladder for defects, dents or loose parts before climbing. In case your ladder is attached along with screws and bolts, make certain every part are stiffened. When opening a stepladder, make certain the extension-hinge arms are fully extended and kept in place.

Before climbing the ladder, gently hop on the very first rung a couple of occasions to make certain the floor is safe. Sometimes the soil is soft, or there can be a gopher hole underneath among the ladder legs. Either condition might cause the ladder to break down underneath the combined weight from the ladder along with a person. A bit of half-inch plywood can be put underneath the ladder’s legs to help keep it level and steady.

When climbing the ladder, remember the “three point rule.” Whenever possible attempt to have both legs and something hands firmly secure around the ladder whatsoever occasions to supply stability and balance while cleaning. On the other hand, don’t lean out of the ladder, balancing on a single leg while using the two hands to wash debris in the gutter. It’s frequently this stretching and reaching for your last scoop of debris that lands an individual within the hospital. Lastly, if whatsoever possible, have somebody contain the ladder to supply additional safety while climbing.

Water Hose:

To utilize a hose with standard water pressure (30-40 psi – the conventional for municipal water services), simply fasten a pistol-grip trigger spray nozzle. This kind of spray nozzle enables you to definitely adjust water pressure with only one hands and also to easily hang it around the front fringe of the gutter while moving the ladder, or while using the a gutter scoop. This kind of spray nozzle could be bought at any home improvement store.

It’s generally better to spray the gutter when the majority of the bigger debris was already removed. It’s hard to spray out leaves and pine needles which have stacked up within the summer time and fall. Spray toward the downspout (leader pipe) therefore the small, murky debris flows lower the downspout. When the downspout is linked to an subterranean drain that is out for your street, the bottom of the downspout must be disconnected therefore the debris could be launched at this time, stopping a possible clog further lower the machine beneath your lawn or front yard.

Gutter Scoop:

Gathering the leafy debris appears is the best overall way of cleaning up the gutter. A great tool with this job may be the vibrant orange plastic “Gutter Getter Scoop,” which may be bought for the most part hardware stores. It is exclusive since the front gathering edge is extremely thin also it forms itself to the foot of the gutter trough, which makes it simple to scoop out the most difficult of debris in almost any size gutter system.

Avoid utilizing a metal scoop because the foot of the gutter and seams could be broken. Scraping the foot of a steel gutter can introduce areas to rust, and when the foot of the gutter has already been rusting, the rusting process could accelerate. Utilizing a metal scoop may also damage seams within the gutter since the motion of scraping can harm the caulking that closes two finishes of the gutter together (known as a seam).

Extra time pole may also be connected to the gutter scoop for reaching farther to wash the gutter, reducing ladder moves.

Put on Gloves:

Mitts might help safeguard hands against dirty, decaying leaf debris that frequently consists of bird, pigeon and squirrel waste which are ridden with bacteria. Mitts may also prevent painful cuts in the torn metal shards of the old, ragged gutter. Cotton mitts can take in dirty water that exposes skin to bacteria. Leather mitts aren’t as maneuverable and have a tendency to shrivel up once they dry after cleaning. Rubber mitts could possibly get poked or torn by metal shards within the gutter. Thick, suede glove materials are suggested since it is better than cotton, thin leather or rubber mitts.

Protective Eyeglasses:

Eye protection is essential because one never knows what could fly from the downspout when cleaning gutters. Individuals have experienced rats, wild birds, frogs, wasps and bees departing at high speeds after they start getting rid of a clog, and also the last factor they would like to have happen is definitely an eye injuries.

Rake of Roof:

Rake all debris from the roof first. Otherwise, the following rain will clean all of the debris lower in to the clean gutter, blocking up again. Also, debris left on the top can result in water damming in valleys or round the chimney, which could cause erosion and roof leaks with time.

Rubber Footwear:

If walking on the top is essential to do gutter cleaning, it’s good to make use of rubber-soled footwear. Rubber soles often adhere best and stop sliding and falls. Roofs are usually moist each morning, so it is advisable to walk on the top following the sun is well up on the horizon and it has dried out all of the moisture. Late morning or early days are the most useful occasions just to walk on the roof.

For wood shake roofs, a great choice is to put on spiked roofing footwear, produced by Korkers, that have small, metal spikes that really help conserve a good grip when walking on the top. However, when the gutter cleaning project isn’t good enough to warrant Korkers, it’s most likely best at that time to utilize a professional gutter cleaners. Putting on Korkers could be tricky, and slips can continue to occur.

Downspouts unclogged:

Make certain the downspouts (leader pipe) are obvious. In the end the gutters are washed, run water hose lower the downspout at full pressure. When the water supports from the top, a clog exists. Normally, it may be unclogged by tapping along the side of the downspout. But when that does not work, the downspout and back have to be removed, and it ought to be flushed in the bottom. If your clog exists, and also the downspout is linked to an subterranean drain, it is advisable to disconnect the foot of the downspout in the subterranean drain. Otherwise, the clog may proceed to the subterranean drain.


When unclogging the downspout, make certain protective eyeglasses has been used, because anything can avoid the downspout at high speeds when the clog has been removed.

Downspout chain:

When the downspout bakes an annoying dripping seem throughout or following a blue-sky, a unique decorative chain could be installed to hold lower instead of a conventional downspout. The rainwater runs lower the chain beautifully and appears rather beautiful, just like a decorative fountain.

You will find also magnetic sponges that stay with along side it from the downspout and absorb water to prevent the dripping seem. Instead of a sponge, individuals have attempted using men’s under garments and socks in downspouts just for this purpose, but it’s not recommend.

Clean gutters two occasions annually: Make certain gutters are washed a minimum of two times annually, once within the fall and again early in the year. One primary reason behind cleaning up gutters would be to eliminate the potential of water damage and mold from rainwater runoff because of a clogged gutter. One more reason would be to reduce the potential of rust corrosion. Despite the fact that it might not rain throughout the summer time, if there’s debris within the steel gutters, the rusting process can accelerate. It’s hard for rust to accelerate with clean gutters. The faster the rusting process, the earlier new gutters is going to be needed.

Power Line Hazard:

When cleaning gutters around a energy line cable that drops in the energy pole towards the roof of the home, conduct a visible inspection from the electrical cable where it connects towards the roof, to make sure that the protective wire insulation hasn’t applied off through many years of put on-and-tear by weather and nearby trees. When the cable seems to possess damage, don’t attempt to correct it. Call an authorized professional electrician to repair it.

If it is pouring down rain and there’s an electric wire problem, don’t attempt to wash the gutters before the wires are fixed. Water is really a harmful conductor of electricity. Whether it’s pouring down rain or otherwise, it might be smart to possess the wires fixed before cleaning up your gutters.

It’s not advisable to utilize a metal ladder near utility lines when cleaning up your gutters. A abs plastic ladder is the perfect safety solution in cases like this.

Gutter Guards:

Utilizing a quality gutter guard can eliminate the requirement for cleaning up gutters. Think carefully the manufacturer’s claims before buying a gutter protection system that keeps out leaves and pine needles, because many promises are created that can’t be shipped. Both gutter covers repel leaves, pine needles and roof sand grit out of your gutters. More details are available at

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Why Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned?

Why Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned?

Cleaning your rain gutter system is one of the most important part of your home’s yearly maintenance. Clogged downspouts can cause water to back up into your walls and lead to many hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. Standing water in a clogged gutter system is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Winter time clogged gutters cheapze into heavy blocks of ice causing your gutters to pull away from your fascia board, creating an overhead ice hazard & can lead to large ice dams & icicles. Gutter Covers (AKA Gutter screens) can reduce or eliminate this gutter maintenance.

For more information on gutter Guards Click Here.

How Often Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned? – When is the best time to have my gutters cleaned?

The following are recommended times to clean your gutters. Because weather patterns are different each year a range is given for each cleaning.
Depending on the debris left by the landscape surrounding your home, trees with blossoms, pollen strings, leaves, pine needles, seeds, acorns, sticks, etc. it is recommended that you have your gutters cleaned 2-3 times a year – in the spring, early fall October, late fall November-December. For homes with large amounts of leaves or pine needles a fourth cleaning in the summer is often necessary.

Spring – Between March – June to rid your gutters of fall & winter debris. Some of the tender tree foliage is blown off the trees along with blossoms & pollen strings which because of their consistency will clog gutters causing them to hold water, providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva.
Late Summer – August – September because, despite the fact that most leaves are firmly attached to the trees, some still come down & end up in the gutters. Thunderstorms, strong winds & drought, all are strong contributors to large accumulations of leaves, pine needles, sticks & debris during the summer.
Fall – October through November, leaves & needles quickly accumulate in your gutters & their sheer volume requires the gutters to be cleared.
Late Fall – Cleaning time depends on where you live & is between late November & the first weeks of December is when most leaves are off the trees. This gutter cleaning is a balancing act of waiting for most leaves to be off the trees & not waiting too long so that all gutters cheapze solid with the ice & leaves in them.

After a Harsh Winter How Can I Repair The Damage To My Gutter System From Ice Dams & Heavy Snow?

The wear & tear from Ice dams & heavy snow can lead to the end of most gutter systems causing gutters & downspouts to pull away, corners, seams & end caps to leak. Extend the life of your gutter system with our “Tune-Up” service consisting of:

  • re-nailing/screwing loose gutters and downspouts
  • we add gutter hangers and screws in fasteners where needed
  • resealing all corners, end caps, seams, and outlets
  • replace missing parts and reconnect disconnected parts

Please call us for a quote to have your gutter system tuned.

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Afforadable Rain Gutter Cleaning

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning Before Winter

The  Insurance Information Institute statistic show that, ice, snow and wind and rain can have devastating consequences by not keeping your gutters clean and operational. Every winter there is billions of dollars in damage to homes, due to  weather-related disasters. Most of this damage can be prevented by doing maintenance on your home before winter. Cleaning your gutters is at the top of that list. It is the first line of defense against the harsh elements in winter.

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Remove sticks, leaves, acorns, Organic build up and other debris from gutters, so melting snow, rain, and ice  can flow cheaply. And check your roof insulation, Improper insulation and ventilation in your attic are at the root High energy bills.

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning Before Winter

Your gutters are an essential part of a system that helps move water away from your roof and property. Your roof’s gutters are usually made up of a series of interconnected troughs. They channel water a safe distance away from the home’s foundation. They protect your home from damage by making the water channel rain water away from your homes foundation, they also make sure that the water doesn’t settle and cause mold and decay.
However, a broken or clogged gutter will result in backed up of your gutter system, stagnant water that can attract unwanted animals and insects and cause water damage to your home. It can ruin your home wall inside and out by allowing water in.
Do not ignore your gutters, as the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler.

Learn all about the importance of gutter cleaning before winter.

Eliminate Pests

Gutters clogged with autumn leaves will create standing water. Standing water will invite all kinds of unwanted pests – like mosquitoes. Mosquitoes use standing water for places to lay their eggs. That can lead to an even bigger problem: West Nile Virus. West Nile is an illness spread through the bites of mosquitoes. Symptoms can range from fever, body aches to muscle weakness and headache, paralysis and vision loss. Some people have died from the virus, others develop no symptoms at all. The Centers for Disease control recommend that all homeowners and renters make sure to clean out their rain gutter systems at least once a year, to help prevent the spread of West Nile Virus in their communities.

Protect your Foundation from Water Damage

Water damage can cause major problems in your Foundation. It can lead to mold and mildew and it can weaken your home’s foundation and walls. Consumer reports say in wet regions, leader pipes should extend at least 5′ from the home. Check your entire gutter system seasonally for proper pitch and for clogs, broken fasteners, corrosion, missing hangers, leaky seam’s, gutters that are pulling away from the side of the fascia and separation between connections and where gutters meet the fascia board.

An Expert’s Eye – It’s time for a Cheap Gutter Inspection  (916) 550-4384

There is no rule that says you must us a professional to inspect your gutter system, There are a lot of benefits. If you don’t feel like climbing up on a ladder or working far off the ground, then you shouldn’t. A professional in the industry like Gutter cleaner from Gutters of Sacramento will spot things with his or her expert eye that you could miss. Water damage is sneaky – something that looks like a small problem will actually end up creating a much larger problem. By having your gutters professionally inspected, you can have the problems fixed that much faster because the pro is already there.

Better Protect  than Wet

It’s better to have you gutters inspected during the relatively mild days of autumn than during the winter when it’s cold and potentially icy. And you definitely don’t want to wait and have to call in a professional in the midst of an emergency!

Get your gutters inspected early and often.
Cheap Gutter Inspection with all Gutter Cleaning Services.

Professional gutter cleaning company gutters of Sacramento cleans gutters at an affordable rate all times of the year.

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One of the best ways to save money on gutter cleaning costs is to install gutter guards on your home in Roseville. Gutter cleaning is most important in the wintertime when it’s raining. We are expected to have a wet winter this year in Roseville, and smart homeowners are getting their gutters cleaned early before the rainy season starts.

Purchase your gutter cleaning online for $99

Another way to save money is to talk to your neighbors and have us clean both of your houses at the same time for a 20% discount on gutter cleaning.

Gutters of Sacramento offer discounted rain gutter cleaning to all of Roseville residential and commercial property owners. Take advantage of our reoccurring gutter cleaning service and save up to 50% annually.

At gutters of Sacramento we take gutter cleaning seriously. Your Gutter systems is your first line of defense against the wet winter season. Having them professionally cleaned will insure proper performance when it matters. When we clean your gutter system we will check for possible problems that you may have in the future. We check your entire system for:

Cheap Gutter Inspection Sacramento

What we check for when inspecting your gutters in Sacramento:

  • Gutter PitchCheck that gutters drain into the downspout properly.
  • Gutter Fasteners – Inspect mounting brackets on downspouts and gutters.These commonly rust, then the gutter or downspout pulls away from the eves when full of water.
  • Debris – Visually inspect for blockage in gutters.
  • DownspoutsWe inspect for bad water shedding areas. The foundation of your house will be come unstable after years of contentious moisture. The leading cause of this is not directing the downspout flow away from the structure.
  • Gutter Inspection ReportThis is our findings and solutions to fix any problems we may have found.
  • Roof InspectionQuick visual inspection. Looking for potential problems before they happen.

Install gutter guards on your home $2 per foot.

Gutter guards are a great alternative to the troublesome task of paying for her cleaning your gutters yourself. Gutter guards are attached to the top of the gutter and screwed to the gutter itself so that no leaves or debris can enter the gutter system. We use E-Z Guard gutter guards, because they have proven to be the most durable when installed correctly. Gutter guards can be installed while at your property for two dollars a foot.

We offer a senior citizen discount and military discount to all customers at any time. The discount can be used in conjunction with any other sale or offer offered by us. It is to go on top of the already low prices that we offer.

  • Senior Citizen Discount 15%
  • Military Discount 15%
  • Single Mother Discount 15%

Roseville residence if you have not taken advantage of the Roseville Shade Tree Program. This program allows Roseville residence to get a tax deduction for planting trees on their property.


Seamless Rain Gutter Cleaning Sacramento, Ca.

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For Gutter Cleaning in Folsom CA area, call (916) 550-4384  all gutter services and general maintenance done right the first time, special on gutter cleaning in Folsom California area!

Professional Gutter Cleaning and Installation Services

Commercial and Residential

Gutters of Folsom is a full-service gutter cleaning company. For nearly the past decade we have focused or attention on professional gutter systems for…
Residential Homes
Apartment Complexes
H.O.A. Housing
Commercial Buildings
We credit our growth to the quality of work performed by our staff and supervision by owners and management. Our pricing is also very competitive and we work within the budgets of owners and management.

Property Management Companies
We also work with Property Management Companies and the ones that hire us stick with us. We lock in a good rate coupled with great service. Our job is to retain a lifetime client; we do what is necessary to maintain clean  functioning  gutters that work properly at all times.
We are properly trained for safety with ladders and approved equipment.
We clean the roof, gutters, flush and/or snake downspouts and haul away all debris.
We put out notices to the residents to notify our time and dates of service.
We offer a cheap inspection of gutters for any potential repairs at the time of service.

Why should you have your Rain Gutters cleaned?

Regular gutter cleaning is highly recommended for any home, condo, apartment complex or commercial building with gutters. Even if you have just a few trees around your house, debris from the roof will build up in your gutters over time. This leads to clogged downspouts and causes standing water in your gutters. As a result your gutters can rust and eventually need to be replaced. Having your gutters cleaned regularly will ensure that your gutters last longer, and in turn, save you money.

How often should Rain Gutters be cleaned?
Properties with few trees surrounding them should have their gutters cleaned annually. For properties that are heavily wooded, we recommend having your gutters cleaned at least one to two times per year. Regular gutter cleaning ensures the best possible function of your gutters.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the job that we do. We take pride in our work and offer a 30 day guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with our work call us anytime in the next 30 days and we will come back at no charge.

Gutter Installation

Installing, repairing and cleaning seamless gutters and downspouts. Our seamless gutters and downspouts are available in aluminum and copper a wide variety of colors to choose from. We also offer custom-made window well covers using only the best material the industry has to offer welcoming commercial and residential customers.

No job is too big or too small.

We Proudly Offer:

  • Copper Gutters – Install Seamless Metal Gutters – Install Wood Gutters – Repair Seamless Metal Gutters – Repair Seamless Metal Gutters – install For Business Copper Gutters – Repair PVC Gutters – Repair PVC Gutters – Install Gutters – Install or Repair Galvanized Gutters – Repair Galvanized Gutters – Install Wood Gutters – Install Gutter Covers and Accessories – Install or Replace Gutter Covers and Accessories – Install or replace For Business PVC Gutters – install For Business Copper Gutters
  • Aluminum and Copper Downspout Installation and Repair
  • Gutter Cleaning and Power Washing
  • Soffit and Capping Fascia Board Replacement, Chimney Caps, Deck Refinishing
  • Leaf Relief Gutter Protection, Drain Cleaning, Custom made Window Well Covers
  • Residential
  • Commercial

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Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

We also provide professional window cleaning and pressure washing services. Please contact us for more information.

Customer Testimonies…

As an Association Manager in California, it has been my experience that good contractors are hard to come by. I have found it useful to keep those vendors who display quality workmanship and excellent customer service as part of my inner circle of “go to contractors.” Gutters of Folsom,  is one such vendor I utilize on a regular basis.

I have found Gutters of Folsom to be extremely cost-conscious as well as diligent in responding to customer needs. Their staff is always courteous and very willing to meet expectations. I would highly recommend Gutters of Folsom. Should you have any questions, Just give them a call and see for your self.

I just wanted to send a note thanking you for the great service that your company has provided to my clients and my family. What we appreciate about Gutters of Folsom is that their service is prompt and the quality of the work is exceptional. Your crew members are friendly and professional, and the quotes are very competitive.
Property Management Inc. Folsom California

I appreciate that fact that your company is fully insured and bonded. This protection is important when I refer my clients to Gutters of Folsom.
Insurance Company, Sacramento CA

We have used both gutter cleaning and window cleaning services offered by Gutters of Folsom. This team does a fantastic job. Our home is 2-story, 50 windows in all, many of them very high up, and we just finished a couple of size-able construction projects in our home. Gutters of Folsom did a spectacular job of cleaning them, including skylights. We will definitely use their services again, and are recommending them to the homeowners in our community.


Sam and Linda Wilson of Folsom California

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Gutter guards

Gutter guards

Simplify your gutter maintenance, by eliminating it with Standard Gutter Guard.
The Benefits of Standard Gutter Guard

  • Stainless steel mesh (.0213” opening) keeps all debris from entering.
  • Weather and Pest Resistant – Lasts a Life time.
  • Mounts securely – High wind in no problem
  • Custom Fits Existing Gutters – 5” and 6”
  • Mounts directly to the gutter – Simply installation.
  • Recessed Front Lip Design – eliminates drips

Available in 5” and 6”, and works with spikes, standard and zip hangers.

They set a New Standard in Gutter Protection.


Why use Standard Gutter Guard?

Standard Gutter Guard is designed to last for decades and keep your gutters unclogged. Standard Gutter Guards prevent clogging after year. Their stainless steel construction makes the ridged so they will not cave in. The stainless steel mesh is made so that water is the only thing that is able to penetrate the Gutter guard. Their modern production methods set them apart from competitors in the industry. Learn more about their top-selling gutter guards and innovative products that are all manufactured 100% in the USA.

Who makes Standard Gutter Guards?

Standard Gutter Guard is a fourth generation product designed and manufactured in Washington State. Through years of development tested, the design until it became one of the most easily installed, functional, and affordable stainless steel gutter guards on the market today. This process involved the gathering of information from hundreds of customers that have used our earlier products and then allowed us to apply some of those ideas to help make this new product the best on the market.

This product is versatile and looks good on so many different styles and sizes of gutters and roofs. A key feature is the flexible, yet highly durable aluminum body that installs less than a ¼” recessed below the lip of the gutter. This almost invisible, non intrusive design allows it to function in even the hardest of rain storms.

Standard Gutter Guard is a stainless steel mesh combined with a coated aluminum substrate. The coated aluminum is louvered for maximum water flow, then formed around the stainless in a continuous roll forming process. The proven reliability of the roll forming process allows us to manufacture Standard Gutter Guard at a higher quality and quantity with few discrepancies.

Solid aluminum construction with seamed in stainless steel mesh for proven reliability. The Standard Gutter Guard System by Rain Gutter Pros has been manufactured to exacting specifications to ensure a quality product.

Standard Gutter Guard has a 5 year “No Clog, No Overflow” warranty that is backed by Rain Gutter Pros, LLC. Consult the actual warranty for complete coverage details.


Standard Gutter Guard was developed after years of research and experience in the gutter and gutter protection industry. That experience was utilized to designed and create a gutter protection systems with the installer and homeowner in mind every step of the way. From the size and shape of the holes openings, to the method of install capturing all the water without spill over, the Standard Guard system is truly a product that sets a new bar in the gutter protection industry


With Standard Gutter Guard there are fewer failures, a larger amount of water dissipation, no spill over and a simple installation on most applications. These are just some of the added benefits that can increase the longevity and function of a basic gutter system.

Cost Effective:

We have been manufacturing and designing roll forming machines for gutter protection systems since 2006 and have been manufacturing gutters and gutter accessories since the early 70’s. Our deep understanding of these processes, we are able to manufacture our products so efficiently that our overhead is substantially lower than our competition. The resulting savings are passed directly to our vendors, who in turn pass those savings on to the contractor. You will not find a BETTER product for the money anywhere in the market.


The base of Standard Gutter Guard is comprised of .019” aluminum supplied from Alsco Metals Corporation and is made of 92.08% recycled aluminum. It is made from the same material as downspouts and has the same manufacturer material warranty.

The stainless steel screen is purchased from McNichols Company in Washington State. The steel mesh is comprised of a 304 alloy, square weave, 30 mesh, .012” wire, and with .0213” openings. Essentially, this screen was specifically chosen because the holes are small enough to keep out roof granules, pine needles, and any larger debris from entering the gutters. However, the holes are large enough to allow pollen and bio-organic material to pass through and flush out the gutter system.

Material Construction:

Standard Gutter Guard is produced using the roll forming method. Roll forming is ideal for producing constant profile parts with long lengths and a consistent outcome. The stainless steel screen is held in place to the solid aluminum substrate using Pittsburgh seams. There is no glue, pins, or caulking used in the production of Standard Gutter.

Brochure Downloads are available at the Manufactures website.