Rain Chain in Sacramento

Rain Chains work the same as downspouts by draining the water from a gutter to the ground. They are typically a series of copper cups chained together, with a hole in the bottom of each cup so that the rain water can drain through these people. They are unique additions to any home. At Gutters of Sacramento, we carry a variety of shapes and sizes through small, medium and large glass styles to chain hyperlink styles. They are a fashionable addition for your home that is also incredibly functional. Do not worry about the winter time. Rain chains look pretty cover in snow and ice, and also the weight is not an issue.
Rain chains work in connection with your own rain gutters. The water from your roof flows into the gutters and is then guided with a downspout, or rain chain, in order to direct water to a satisfactory place on the ground.
Rain chains are a beautiful and functional replacement for traditional, closed gutter downspouts. Guiding rain water visibly down chains or cups from your roof to the ground, rain stores transform a plain gutter downspout in to a pleasing water feature. From the smooth tinkling of individual droplets to the soothing rush of white water, they may be a treat to listen to.

Rain Chain Styles

Cup designs are the closest to the original form. They tend to dash more than cup styles, and this may be important when they are deemed for areas that are in close proximity to doors, windows or pathways. Cup designs are a noticeable difference over links chains throughout performance and efficiency. Together with open bottoms, they work as funnels, focusing the water from one mug down into the next one. Even in large rainfall, cup styles sprinkle very little, so they can be placed anyplace.

Rain Chain Installation

At the Roof
In California, we propose hanging the rain chain from a sturdy “U” bolt wall mount unit, because of potential its polar environment weight and wind packing. An additional roof strap can be used heavier chains.
At the Bottom
Often a ceramic or stoneware pot is put beneath the chain that fills with water, to ensure that when it rains, the water excess water from the chain into the pot, creating a beautiful display. A new ceramic pot with a spout on the bottom can help contain and immediate the water away from foundations and also walk areas.

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